Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law

Another alternative to going to court is to participate in the Collaborative Law process. We are able to offer you this alternative as we have received extensive training in the process, and we are members of the Queensland Association of Collaborative Practitioners. Please check that your Collaborative Lawyer is a current member of the Association on their website.

The Collaborative Law process offers people a different approach to resolving family law matters, where both parties can remain in control of the outcome of their separation.

The process sees us working together with the other lawyer, and other professionals such as your accountant and financial advisor, to achieve a financial or parenting outcome in a time effective way.

We do this by attending a series of round table meetings, rather than writing letters back and forth to one another. We set an agenda prior to each meeting, and homework following the end of each meeting.

This type of process can benefit the entire family and ensure the wealth of the family unit is not eroded by excessive legal fees or unplanned tax consequences and penalties.

A further, and often more important benefit, is that this type of process creates a better long-term relationship between the parties.

If you’d like to learn more about the collaborative law process and how to negotiate and stay out of court, have a look at this video and our membership website:

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