Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

In 2018-2019 some 30,307 DVO applications were lodged in Queensland, and 1,684 of those were lodged in Townsville. That works out to be an average of 32 applications a day being filed in Townsville alone last year.

If you are experiencing any form of domestic and family violence you should take immediate steps to obtain help. The meaning of domestic violence is quite broad and can include physical or sexual abuse, emotion or psychological abuse, economic abuse, or if someone is being threatening or coercive or is trying to dominate someone and causes fear.

We can assist you in preparing your Application, and your supporting Affidavit/s if the Respondent contests/opposes your Application. We can also appear on your behalf if the matter is listed for Hearing.

In the alternative, if you have been falsely accused of committing domestic and family violence and you need assistance to contest/oppose an Application that has been filed, we can help you.

We can also help you negotiate the terms of a Temporary or Final Protection Order, such as the length of time, how you can communicate about the children of the relationship. We may also be able to help you have the Application withdrawn or dismissed, and negotiate the terms of a written Undertaking to be a good behaviour for a period of time.

You need to be aware that an Application for a Protection Order may become relevant in relation to your family law parenting and property matters.

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