An alternative to going to court is mediation. A mediation can be convened at any time during your negotiations with the other person, even whilst you are in the middle of court proceedings.

There are two main types of mediation:

  1. Each party attends with their lawyer, or
  2. Each party attends with their lawyer and a jointly appointed Mediator.  The Mediator is usually a Senior Lawyer or a Barrister.

The negotiations during a mediation are “Without Prejudice”. You will hear this phrase often used in Family Law matters. This phrase is used to enable parties to divulge information to one another when they are attempting to negotiate a settlement – however it cannot later be used or disclosed to the court.    

As mediation is often scheduled to take place on a particular day, and may be in the morning or the afternoon or all day. It is important to be well prepared prior to attending a mediation so that neither person feels pressured to make a quick decision on the day.

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