Family Law

Family Law

Family law is a diverse and unique branch of law where clients divulge private information about their family and themselves to a person that is initially a stranger to them. Over time, this professional relationship develops and there is a significant level of trust. What you say to us is confidential, and we will try to help you achieve an outcome beneficial to you, and if applicable, your child/children.

A family lawyer who is good at their job should be able to make you feel at ease and explain something to you in a way that you understand. Once you have attended an initial appointment, and we have provided you with the options available to you, you then go home and think about what you would like to do. A life changing decision of who to trust to look after your family law matters should not be made in haste; sleep on it!

At Legalsense NQ we feel there is no better reward than helping a person accept and embrace change and make a fresh start in life. 

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